Saturday, June 21, 2008

More pics from Mandalay Bay and The Bellagio

C_Jun_17_2008 017
A Lion Fish on display at the shark tank.

Jun_17_2008 042
Waiting for mom and Sarah to exit the shark tank.

Jun_17_2008 049
Taking a break before heading to the Bellagio.
Jun_17_2008 038
These are from the Mandalay Bay Shark Tank. It was a very nice place to visit and at only $15 not too expensive. Unfortunately it does not lend itself to taking photographs too well.

C_Jun_17_2008 060
There were several model trains running through the Bellagio

C_Jun_17_2008 061
Mom taking matters into her own hands.

C_Jun_17_2008 078
Karen waiting for us to finnish watching the trains.
C_Jun_17_2008 081
Looks too good to eat.
C_Jun_17_2008 082

C_Jun_17_2008 083
Enjoying an ice cream at the Bellagio.
C_Jun_17_2008 084

C_Jun_17_2008 085

C_Jun_17_2008 095
Nightlife in Vegas.
C_Jun_17_2008 097
Start of the fountain show at the Bellagio.
C_Jun_17_2008 099

C_Jun_17_2008 116
Just hanging out at the Bellagio after the light show.
C_Jun_17_2008 117


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