Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonnie Springs Ranch

On Sunday we went to Bonnie Springs Ranch. Me and Karen had never been there and from reading the web site it seemed like a nice place to go. Having visited there now I must say I liked the old western town a great deal. The wooden floors bent and popped as you walked along them. The live hanging was fun also. The petting zoo, on the other hand, was a bit disturbing. To see wolves caged in a very small, 20 foot by 20 foot maybe, just didn't seem right. There was also a Lynx in a very small cage as you will be able to see in my next post.


Below is the Marshal for Bonnie Springs Ranch:

The Marshal was looking for a prosecuting attorney for the trial and he needed someone with a cruel heart and ice in their blood. Naturally he picked Karen out for the job.....hahahaha

Below on Karen's right is the Judge. All the Marshal wanted to know about the Judge was that he could pronounce the word "GUILTY".
The Defense Attorney is on the Judge's right. His qualifications were that he be meek and mild.
In the picture above Karen is announcing the charges against
the condemned. They include, from least serious to most serious:

  1. Robbing the Bank

  2. Shooting at the Marshal

  3. Stealing the Marshal's wife

And most serious of all:

4. Bringing the Marshal's wife back. lol. The condemned stated that she was a miserable thing!

Here is the condemned shortly after he was hung:


The acting would not win any Oscars but it was very entertaining.

Here is Dad silhouetted against the Red Rock Canyon.C_06_22_2008_00080

Random Pics:











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rb77 said...

I like you pics.We too went to BSR cool place. I took a few pics,
www.lasvegas .I found you on page 5 of google..Thanks

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