Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Venetian, the Paris, Main Street Station, and Fremont Street

Jun_20_2008 005

Jun_20_2008 006

Jun_20_2008 008
This man just proposed to his girlfriend....she said "Yes!". Then again, what else would she say in front of several hundred people.....

Jun_20_2008 013

Jun_20_2008 059
The view of the strip from atop the Paris.

Jun_20_2008 076

Below is the Main Street Station. One of the oldest
casinos located in Downtown Las Vegas.

Jun_21_2008 012
This is a Pullman Car.
Jun_21_2008 014

Jun_21_2008 015

Jun_21_2008 017
The Main Street Station is very elegant.

Down on Fremont Street.
Jun_21_2008 028
Here is Carl Ferris playing a song for mom. I've never seen him take a request before, but he did for mom.
Jun_21_2008 034
Not wanting to blind the man and un able to bounce the flash off the ceiling as it was way too high, I tried bouncing it off the floor. It seemed to work pretty well.

Jun_21_2008 035
This was one of the bands playing at Fremont tonight. They bragged that
they knew how to play both kinds of music....Country AND Western. They were
pretty good too.

Jun_21_2008 042
Here is a punk cover band that was playing at the other
end of Fremont Street. They were pretty good too.

Jun_21_2008 047

Jun_21_2008 050

Jun_21_2008 052

Jun_21_2008 056

Jun_21_2008 063
Tired and heading home about midnight.

Jun_21_2008 064

Jun_21_2008 069


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