Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vegas Right Now!

Remember you heard it here first when you see the first comercial with the new Vegas slogan in it. Apparently tourism in Vegas is DOWN! Way DOWN. Luckily in Vegas, unlike say Detroit, our economy is diversified. In addition to the tourism industry, we also have the construction industry....lol. I probably don't have to remind anyone wha the home construction market is like. Lets just say that the "Forclosure Capital of the USA" is a phrase we are familiar with out here, as in Detroit. Luckily for us though, we also have a large Comercial Construction industry in Vegas. And they are indeed in overdrive right now. Many of the customers I deal with are involved in the construction business in one way or another so of cousre, sooner or later, the conversation often involves the state of thier business. Everyone has said that home construction is dead and that they can't keep up with the "big" comercial construction work out here. Right now the strip is almost one big construction yard. I think there are like 11 major projects going on right now just on the strip.

If you think of, say Detroits economy, three legged stool, the three legs would be:
1 Automobils
2. Cars
3. Vehicles

Along the same lines, in Vegas we have:
1. Tourism
2. Comercial Construction
3. Residential Construction

Now days if you need a carpenter for your house you can easily locate him at the un employment office. The first leg of our economy is coming up short and our stool is leaning heavily to one side.
If another leg goes out, we will fall......


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