Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And in the news

the local news that is.

Yesterdsay a California man was arrested after two bank roberies and a high speed chase that ended in a crash(about 8 miles from our house). He is now at the Clark County Detention Center. You might ask why I m posting about this? People get arrested for bank robbery all over the place, all of the time. What makes this different is that it is rumured that he is also responsible for the 5 execution style murders at the Layne Bryant Store in Tinley Park Illinois. If it indeed turns out to be true I'm sure you will hear about it.

Also the gentleman that was nearly killed by Ricin exposure was out of his comma the other day and confirmed that he and his (now deceased)brother did indeed manufacture the Ricin for "self protection". Myself, I'd rather have a Glock or Smith and Wesson. He will likely also be spending some time in Vegas albeit at the Clark County Detention Center as manufacturing Ricin is a 10 year felony here.

Lastly, and most sadly, we had a young California couple that came to Vegas and got married. A few days after that while driving up Interstate 15 in the early AM, they apparently got a flat tire. While on the side of the road an 18-wheeler crossed the white line and struck and killed the young husband dragging what was left of his body for hundereds of feet and kept on going. The truck driver continued to drive to a local truck stop where he washed off the blood and remaining tissue from his big rig and then drove off into the night. He is still being sought. After the young wife saw her husband struck, she paniced and tried to wave down someone to help. In her panic she stepped out into the road and was struck and killed by another big rig. Atleast this truck driver stopped. They were apparently married for 2-3 days when they died. One can only hope they cath the first driver or that the guilt makes him turn himself in.


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