Monday, March 31, 2008

The primaries

A couple of things I want to blog about, well maybe only one thing anyway. Clinton has been trying to make it look like Obama does not want a re vote in Michigan and Florida. I'm not qualified to comment on Florida, but having lived in Michigna for over 30 years before moving to Vegas, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on it.
Clinton has tried to get the vote in Michigan to count, yet Obama was not even on the ticket. That hardly seems fair or democratic. She has also held the position that there should be a re-vote in Michigan. Obama has, in theory, agreed to this, if it could be done in a manner that was agreeable to both of them. Ofcourse Clinton's idea of a fair vote would be to prohibit anyone who voted in the Republican primary, namely Democrats or Indepenants who refused to vote for Clinton and instead voted for McCain from participating. This ofcourse would stack the vote for Clinton. Again this seems neither fair nor democratic. The only fair way to do it, as I see it, is to not seat the delegates. Michigan knew well the price for moving its primary dates. They should now be willing to take their lumps. As it looks now, no re vote will take place and the delegates will not be seated. That is as it should be.


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