Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friendly People

Taking photographs of people I don't know is something new to me. Many photographers do it without hesitation, or without asking. I can't do that. This couple was dancing away to Carl's music earlier and when I saw them again standing near us I asked if I could take a picture of them for my blog. Very graciously they said "sure". I wish I had gotten their names but I didn't. They are visiting Las Vegas from South Carolina and their southern friendliness was clearly evident.
This gentleman at first refused to be photographed. This is not him threatening me though, this is him posing after he agreed to be photographed. His only condition to be photographed was that I dedicate it to his cousin Thunder. He didn't elaborate but was excited when I agreed to do that. So this picture is dedicated to "Thunder"!

These two young ladies are Nicole and Deb from Illinois. They seemed to be enjoying their time here at the Fremont Street Experience.

This is Rob. For lack of a better word he is a street kid. He said that, as the tattoos on his arms show, "life sucks" and "lifes good" right now he is more or less in a "life sucks" stage.

Out of the 5-6 people I aked to photograph, only 1 refused which suprised me. I really thought they all would. I would like to thank you all again for allowing me to photograph you!
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