Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Heston

As I'm sure your awareby now Mr. Charlton Heston passed away. Although I'm not a big movie buff, he was certainly an American Icon.

For happpier news a, now former Ford Motor Company employee, won $136 million in the lottery at the Ford Plant I used to work at. I was mildy suprised to learn that I didn't know him, but then again we had close to 1,000 employees who worked there. He apparently was in a lottery club with 4 other workers, and although the winning ticket was not part of the lottery club, he elected to give each of the other 4 members $1 million anyways. Thats a class act for sure.

In other news, Karen passed her Post Office exam. The exam consisted of seeing how late you could finish the test, and then you were given envelopes to put in mail slots. You were given 1 point for every envelope in the wrong slot! hahahahaha. Typical of the Post Office she was told to expect her results in 3 weeks and it took them nearly 8 weeks to deliver them.

We also had a bit of excitement here the other day. I was, for a change, sitting in my computer room being "on the computer", which everyone knows I never do, and I heard the LVMP helicopter circling our neighborhood. That in itself is not that unusual because you can often hear them flying by here and there. But after about 10 mins of this I realized that it sounded like he was circling my house. Looking outside I discovered he was indeed circling our neighborhood and our house. Then the sirens began. I then went and looked out the front of the house and there were cops at both ends of our steet and I could see them on the next street over also. They had K-9 units searching all of the back yards. I stepped out onto the front porch to see what was going on and was met by a K-9 team and told to go back in the house and lock my doors. You could hear them on the P.A. system trying to encourage someone to "come out with their hands up". Since it was close to the time for Karen to get off work I called her at work and told her not to come home just yet. Then I found out the whole thing started in the parking lot at her work where a car chase ended. There were three suspects in the car, 2 of which were arrested on the spot, and the third apparently ran on foot and ended up in our subdivision. Time to buy a gun!


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Anonymous said...

What a great man indeed......he had what it takes to be a "great american"! Hats off to Mr. Charlton Heston! May our paths cross again!

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