Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fight or Flight

Most accident scenes I have stop at are routine. As routine as an accident scene can be anyways. Hysterical people....been there done that. I've had knives pulled on me at what I thought were accidents scenes that turned out to also be sexual assaults. Deceased people.... been there done that too. Its not pleasant, but if you stop at enough accidents you will come across about anything.

Driving down I-15 today I saw a motorcycle and a silver pick up, both sharing the same lane. The two drivers were talking back and forth having a good old time. The motorcycle driver then dropped back behind the truck(all of about 3 feet behind it) and they sped off down the interstate. I thought to myself, that guy(on the motorcycle) is asking to get in an accident.

As we drove another few miles down the road, my attention was elsewhere until Karen began to brake hard and I looked up and there it was. The motorcycle laying in the middle of the road. The truck smashed up, and another sedan smashed up!

As I have for many years I grab my latex gloves and go to see what is left of the motorcycle driver. As I approached the first smashed car I could hear someone screaming, not in pain but it anger. The family in the sedan were trying to fend off the driver of the pick up who, as best as I could tell, was trying to get at the young male driver of the sedan. I'm not sure if he was driving the sedan or if his mother was, but the ire of the pick up truck was squarely aimed at the young kid.

When I walked up to ask the family in the sedan if they were ok they said "yes" but you need to protect us from her! I looked up and saw, for lack of a better, more politically correct phrase, one pissed off bull dyke coming right at me! The family in the sedan were all now positioned behind me. In a nano second this girl, and it took me a minute to figure out that she was indeed a girl, was about 1/2 inch from my face yelling, screaming and threatening the family. She looked to be 20 years old....maybe. Ball cap on sideways, wearing a wife beater t shirt and blue jeans. Oh and an ear ring in each ear. I asked her to "calm down". To that she just stepped in closer to me and was like "You want me to calm down fucker?"

I was not the only one who stopped at the scene, but the rest were women who seemed to have little interest in getting involved with the lunatic lesbian. I swear our noses were 1/2" apart, but I did not move back not one step. Fight or Flight...I didn't want to fight(I'm too old for that anymore). I was a bit scared though because, although I new I weighed a good 100 lbs more than her, she also had several male friends with her.

Fight or flight......well I'm not about to flee from a 100lbs 20 year old girl (bull dyke or not)so I stood my ground. After asking her to calm down again and her trying to stare me down for what seemed like an eternity, she simply said "Somebody better get this big motherfucker out of my face!", turned and walked down the freeway picking up the motorcycle and the debris left in the road.

In the end, amazingly, the motorcycle driver appeared to fare well in the accident. Most of the other one I've come across have not been so lucky. He had some road rash on one arm, possible a broken foot/ankle/leg. His right shoe was knocked off of him, but it appeared that he is one of those people that don't really tie their shoes so it was not a very telling clue. I don't know if he had any other injuries because I never really got to examine him too much.


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