Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who knew...

Well Health Alliance Plan will not pay for Karen to go to a Primary Care Doctor out here. They will pay for an Urgent Care Doctor if Karen waits until she is sick enough to need urgent care.
The last trip to urgent care she was admited to the hospital for surgical lancing of two masses that she had from an infection. HAP approved this adminssion and the surgeries.
When she was discharged the hospital told here that she needed to follow up everyday for the next 7 days with the wound care clinic next to the hospital to re pack the open wounds, change the dressings and what not at $165 minimum per day. Thats $1,200 of follow up care for surgeries that HAP approved. HAP will not pay for the follow up care to the surgery stating "we do not cover out of network out patient care". So now Karen is flying back to Michigan for 7-10 days so that HAP will cover the follow up surgery that they approved in Las Vegas!


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wtravis said...

we are hoping the best for the two of you.

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