Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We can't wait

We love living in Vegas. Every morning that I drive through the city and see the mountains I know that I made the right decision. Every afternoon I drive home feeling that I accomplished something. I didn't have that at my old job. Job insecurity at my old job is not the only reason I left it and probably not even the biggest reason I left. As many of you know I took a fairly large pay/benefit cut to come to Las Vegas, but when I get up in the morning exited about work I know it was worth it! Now days I work 10 times harder but get 100 times more satisfaction from it. To me it was a good deal. I have only one regret and that is having to move so far from family and friends. I didn't really realize how many we had until they all showed up to help us move.

This bring me to the title. Namely, "We can't wait." Over the next few month beginning in September friends and family will be coming out to visit. September, October and November. We are very excited and can't wait. We miss them all. Not everyone is coming, but those that can are. We are excited to see them and to show them some of the great things that Las Vegas has to offer. And no I don't mean "The Strip" although that is certainly a plce we will take them. Fremont Street is very cool, but we want to show them places like: The Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Mt Charleston. Places like that that add to living in Vegas.


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