Sunday, September 9, 2007

8 Weeks and Counting

So far we have been in Vegas 8 weeks. It almost seems like we have lived here for years now, except that I still get lost very easily. In those 8 weeks Karen has been to urgent care 3 times for various types of infections/strep throat and dehydration. This last time the urgent care doctor had her admited to the hospital and she is now spending a few days at University of Nevada Medical Hospital(UNLV) to get some very strong IV anti-biotics that they wouldn't prescribe for her at home. She has had about two weeks here in Vegas where she wasn't sick. Hopefully this will do the trick.

It is kind of strange the way they work it here too. The urgent care doctor asked us how we would like to do it. He said there were two methods:
1. Go to the UNLV Emergency Room- wait however long it takes for them to see us. Get processed by admitting. And then wait for a room to be assigned to us.
2. The doctor can call the hospital and request a room for us and they will call us when it is ready.

Now I'm not a genius, but my mother didn't raise a total idiot either. We opted for option #2.
So the urgent care center sent us on our way and said go get something to eat. About 45 mins later while we were eating the urgent care center called us and said your room is 517 Bed 2. Just go right to your room and a nurse will get with you there.

Sooooo we walked into the hospital and walked right to her room. We were not sure about it so we did stop at the nursing station just to make sure we were doing it right. And we were! They didn't know her name but they knew a "direct admit" as they called it was coming in. So we gave the station nurse our paperwork and 5 mins later Karen was resting in her room.

No one likse to go to the hospital, thats for sure, but if you got to go thats the way to do it. A lot of hospitals could learn from that!


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