Friday, September 18, 2009

You Lie!

Well what to say. I probably do not have to explain the comment, but in case you missed it a member of the house from Sout Carolina screamed out to President Obama "You Lie!" during a joint address to congress.

I will admit that I am VERY conservaive.I do not so much identify with the Repblican Party, as I do with conservative prinicipals though. That said, since I've been able to vote, I've voted Republican, and thats not likely to change.

Rep. Joe Wilson, a Republican from South Carolina, yelled out at President Obama "You Lie!" during a joint session of cngress recently. Much has been made of this recently, most of which I agree with.

Remembering that it is not for nothing that the house of representatives is called the people's house, it still disturbs me that someone would have that amount of disrespect for the office! The reference to "the people's house" is indicative of the fact that the "house" tends to be more reactionary than the senate, and hence more raucus than the senate. The senate is a more reserved, if you will, body comprised of "gentleman". You would have likely NEVER heard that type of comment from the senate side of congress.

Now some people will argue that President Obama is lying(about health care reform). So why not call him out on it????

Well, I would only argue that there is a time and place for everything. A joint session of congrees is neither the time, nor the place for it. Agree or diagree, he IS the President and deserves a modicum of respect.

The time and place for that would have been an interview on CNN or Fox News.

The respect I try to give President Obama is often the respect President Bush never got from the other side.


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Lauren said...

Nothing to do with You Lie but... I'm anxiously awaiting the awesome pictures I'm sure you took at the Wild West Extravaganza! :-)

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