Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm not a copy cat

, well maybe I am. After seeing Lauren's Japanese Curry I couldn't resist.
Curry is something that our family has eaten for many years. I can't remember if it was from when we lived in Cyprus, or Philippines, but for about as long as I can remember, we ate "chicken curry". To us though, it was always considered an Indian dish, or at least an Indian spice.

It is what I always have when ordering Chinese. My mother's recipe was usually, I think, shredded chicken and curry over either rice or mashed potato's. The latter being a southern influence I suppose. I like it either way. My wife, Karen, hates curry though so over the near 20 years we've been married she has cooked it for I had to get it from my mom!

In Karen's defense though, she does make me fried rice, exactly how I like it, even though she doesn't eat that either. Curry just seems to be over that invisible, ever changing line that she won't cross.....:)

She did agree to do my shopping though. Here is what she bought:

Most of it is self explanatory. I'll just point out the water cress or water chestnuts, baby corn, and Cayenne pepper.

Basically I browned the chicken a bit and thew the veggies in along with the box of curry and some water. I'm not a measuring cup kind of cook, so I couldn't tell you how much of what went into it.

We did have to thinken the sauce up a tad though.

I added about 1/4 of the bottle of cayenne pepper.

Two things that I noted:
1. It could have used 2 boxes of curry.
2. I kept adding cayenne pepper because it wasn't hot enough. When we would ored out we always had to tell them "Extra spicey hot" or it wasn't hot enough.


I had enough for three meals though. It was very good!


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Lauren said...

Mmmmmm yours looks delicious too! And that's an interesting mix of veggies... I might have to steal a couple of your veggie ideas to experiment with next time I make curry (although we're STILL slowly grazing off of the last batch I made, lol).

Like you mentioned, curry is originally and traditionally an Indian spice, but those boxes we both got are curry prepared Japanese-style. It's thicker and sweeter than regular traditional Indian curry. There's Japanese writing on your box (katakana) that, written in romanji, says: Goruden Karee ... Golden Curry! :-)

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