Thursday, September 3, 2009

There is not doubt

who runs our house. It ain't me, and it ain't Karen!
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Thats what we call the "stink eye". I know, deep down, Carly is thinking "Thats right bitch, this is MY house!"

Tigger normally sleeps on the bed at my feet. Since Carly moved in, he sleeps there at her pleasure.
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The other day, she allowed Tigger to sleep on the bed. The next morning when I got up, I stepped on something sticky on the floor. I wasn't poop, thankfully! It covered about a 3-4 foot diameter area. As it was about 4:45AM and I was up for work, I just grumbled to myself and went about my business.

The next morning I woke up freezing! Tigger had urinated on the bed and he and I were both sleeping in it. Mind you, although Tigger has had MANY an accident, he has never went in the bed and then slept in it!

Our first reaction was "What the hell?" then we just thought it was a fluke. Then it happened again, and again, and again. Sometimes on the bed, sometimes on the floor. It really took us a few days to figure out
A. Who it was?(We have 3 dogs)Waking up in it decided that .
B. What exactly they were doing? Puking? Peeing? It was hard to tell.

We tried to think of anything that we had been doing differently? We remembered that we had seen Tigger act stiff lately. He is about 11 after all. We began to give him glucosomine for his joints. This all began at roughly the same time. We stopped his supplement.

The next night he had no accident. We thought, wow that was easy.

The next night, he had an accident.

We knew then that something REALLY was wrong. And so we watched....
We noticed that Tigger was drinking enormous amounts of water.
Obviously hes was having frequent, un controllable urination. We also noticed that his collar was getting way to big. Its one of those nylon adjustable ones. I tried to convince myself that it just became "un adjusted".

This all took about 10 days to figure out. We only got 1 or 2 pieces of the puzzle over the course of a few days. He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow.

When we made the appointment the vet said, because of his breed and age, it was one of three things.
1. Urinary tract infection.
2. Incontenance.
3. Diabetes.

Diabetes can be a devestating diagnosis for a person, but even more so for a dog. A person can participate in their treatment, a dog cannot. Even well controlled diabetes can exact a heavy toll on a person, or a dog.

Many people opt to put a dog with diabetes to sleep. They view giving the dog shots twice a day as cruel. I think putting a dog to sleep who is still happy is cruel.

There are things that make me think its not diabetes:
1. He still eats everything in sight.
2. He has not slowed down one bit.

Hopefully it is one of the first two.



Lauren said...

Aw, I just love schnauzers... I grew up with them most of my life, and they're such smart and loyal dogs. I'll hope with you that it's just a UTI - those aren't too hard to clear up. Or incontenence would be OK too... if Tigger is a boy (?) belly bands are great easy little fixes for pee issues. Either way, 1 or 2. *Fingers crossed for you*

Lauren said...

Oh, I feel foolish. Tigger apparently is a boy, since you used the manly pronoun "he." LOL

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