Friday, June 19, 2009

Somethings I forgot to mention

As always, when we went to Death Valley with Brian, I was sure to have all of my camera gear together. I made sure all of my lens were in my bag, put my memory card in the camera, put my battery on charge.

The only problem was that I LEFT my battery on charge! Luckily, when we were leaving from picking Tom up, Betty came running out and handed Tom his point and shoot camera, otherwise we would have had no pictures.

This is the Amish table we got at a local thrift store.

Nancy has begun to repair our window sills. I'll post before and after pics tomorrow.The ones that she has done so far, despite some cracking, look great. Considering none of us have much experience with cement, its going well.

We bought some paint to paint the sills, and wooden headers on the house, but it is too light. Looks more pink than anything. We are going to try to get it darkened up a bit.


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