Friday, June 26, 2009

A project, a project there.

When moving here I wanted to keep our electric bill as low as possible. I envisioned using a clothes line to dry clothes. And we did.....for a while.

Who knew a pair of my underware could take up so much space! When I imagined a clothes line in my head, my underware only took up a few inches at most! Well that just wasn't the case.

Not having a dryer became bothersome. In addition to the taking up of space, the clothes line was in the garage, your clothes felt like sand paper. No need to sand our feet anymore, our socks could do it for us! Got an itch on your back? Put a shirt on! You may end up bleeding, but your itch will be gone!


There was no vent for the dryer, so I made one.

The start of the hole for the dryer vent. You'd be suprised how easy it was to go through about 18" of brick and mortar.

Pasing through the wall.

The completed project.

Its far from perfect, but it does the job.

This is the bathroom we were afraid to use in the begining. Its looking pretty good now.


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