Friday, June 26, 2009


a reason to like the bank bail outs. We got our loan through First Option Motgage. Our loan was quickly bought up by Bank of America, who then sold the loan to Country Wide. As you may recall, both of these banks were "capitalized" by the U.S. government. Our first payment is due in July of 2009. As I write this, it is June 26th, 2009. Having not received a payment book yet, we called our mortgage oficer. He said, not knowing Bank of America had already sold our loan, to call Bank of America. Upon calling them, we were told to call Country Wide. Neither bank of America nor Country Wide, had any record of my name, SSN, or my adress and then each denied any knowledge of me, my SSN, or my house,

I often joked to my dad about the bank deciding they didn't want any money from us. His response was always "Yeah right!".


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