Sunday, May 18, 2008

Helldorado Las Vegas Style

Helldorado is a nickname for Tombstone Arizona coined in the 1880's by a miner who thought that Tombstone must be very much like Hell on earth. Many western states now have Helldorado Day celebrations. We decided to venture down to Fremont Street on Saturday, not really interested in the Helldorado Parade so much as just hanging out at Fremont.

As we parked in the usual place we found that we were just in time to see the parade start.


We should have taken this as a warning to get out now, while you still can.

We are a little slow on the uptake, so we just dove right in.


Here is the local press photographers. It would not be long until we found ourselves caught in the gauntlet on 4th street, unable to get to the other side, and yet unable to go back from where we came. Luckily there was a lady in a wheel chair who was ready, willing and able to run over anyone who tried to stop her from crossing the street! We followed her and made it across. At least we can say now that we were actually in the Helldorado Parade, even if unwillingly!

But for the moment we are still on the parking structure as you can see:
I wish ?I would have brought my 100-400 lens, or even my 70-300, but I found myself only with my 28mm prime and my 18-55 kit lens so I did the best I could with what I had!

Here is our esteemed Mayor Mr. Oscar Goodman just after being handed the biggest martini I've ever seen. Gotta love this guy! He makes no bones about the fact that two of his favorite thing are martinis and show girls. He is being driven by a show girl and has a huge martini in his right doesn't get much better. Too bad he is term limited.



And what is Vegas without Elvis!!!




You can't have a parade without a high school marching band so here is the Mojave High School Marching Band.


Billed as the Greatest Show On Earth(it says so on the side of the truck), they apparently forgot to fill up with gas! Yes they are pushing the truck through the parade!

This was the scene that greeted us when trying to cross over into Fremont Street.

To say that it was a mad house would be an understatement. Helldorado seems to fit nicely though!

This guy wanted everyone to know that he lived in Las Vegas AND that he owned horses. He insisted that the people next to us, because he lived in Vegas AND he owned horses, wanted his picture. I decided I might as well take it too. He seemed nice enough though, and wished everyone a good time.


It was packed. The band had not even started to play yet!

Ignoring the sign, we stopped and stood in the walkway for a few trying to regain a sense of personal space again before facing the juggernaut that would follow trying to get through the next crowd.

This was after making it through. It took about 5-8 mins to walk 30 feet from one side of the concert area to the other.


After making it through to the other side, we decided we had had enough. We wanted some personal space and air conditioning! We have decided that, during special events anyways, the tourists can have Fremont street! Maybe, just maybe we are begining to complete the transition from being newbies in Las Vegas to being "locals".........


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Nice pictures of the parade.

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