Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gas tax holiday?

It is nothing but a gimmick. As if we, as consumers, would even see any of the price reduction. This is pandering at its worst. There are no short term fixes for the price of gas with maybe the exception of changing our driving behaviour, which in all honesty is not very likely to happen anytime soon. Sure the sales of larger truck and SUVs are down and the sale of gas sipping cars are up, but this would take years to to actually change the price of gas. Our only solutions are long term. They include:

  1. Drilling at home
  2. Conservation
  3. Nuclear energy
  4. Alternative Energy

There is no silver bullet. Small contributions in each of the areas above can, eventually, lead to lower prices....maybe..... But to hear all of the candidates talking about how they are going to end our dependence on foreign oil is laughable at best. It will take decads to do it, if its even possible.


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