Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunset Park

Sunset park is a place that you can often find us at. It has two very nice dog runs, several ball diamonds, and a large lake. The last video I posted here shows Sunset Park and many, if not all of the "doggie park" pictures come from Sunset Park. Drivers called police after they saw the man laying in Sunset Road at Eastern, right next to Sunset Park. Witnesses say they saw two men running after the victim. They say he was stabbed several times and the killers ran away.
There have also been two murders there in the last few months. Sunset Park may have only been the dumping ground for the first murder victim, a young lady. Her boyfriend, who is believed to have fled to Mexico after an initial interview with police, is still being sought. She had disappeared New Years Eve and was found several weeks later at the park.

The second murder appears to have happened late last Tuesday although details are sketchy at this point.


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