Saturday, April 18, 2009

Live and learn

We went to our house, and I hesitate to call it that because we don't have the keys yet, and met our neighbors to the north. According to them, our house is not in Pahrump Township, but just in Nye County. We are a mile or so north of the Pahrump township limits. This means, according to Gary our soon to be neighbor, that none of the rules in Pahrump apply to us or our land. Yes there are still county zoning laws and such, but want to build an addition or improve your property? No PERMIT required!!!

The former home owners raised white German Shepherds and boarded horses at our new house. According to Gary, the Shepherds were the meanest dogs you ever met. They were always penned up and only got out by accident. It sounds like they had no socializing at all. Gary said they bit everyone who entered the yard, although that may not have been a bad

Pahrump is a small town of 30,000 roughly people. It is also very rural. You can go to the local ACe Hardware and order stuff out of the JC Penny catalog, much like you could out of the old Sear catalog back in the day. One issue this bring up in regards to police/fire/medical emergency is that probably for the first 20-30 mins(or more) of any event, you will be on your own! Many businesses store water on site for the fire department to use in case of a fire. We will have several police officers living within 1 or 2 houses of us, but at an average lot size of over an acre, that can still take precious time to respond. Hence I will be purchasing insurance from Smith & Wesson. Well maybe not them but my baby Glock, along with some other firepower should suffice. The crime rate in Pahrump is very, very low, but none the less I will be prepared.

All of the people I've met so far in Pahrump have been VERY nice and hospitable. Gary offered to come over and help any way he could although he pointed out that he was pretty old and had a bad back.

On a different note, our house was constructed out of blocks made by a local company in Pahrump. They have since gone out of business, but it adds to the history of the place.

We close on May 7th and I can't wait. I already have some minor repairs planned. The house does have some minor plumbing issues that make it non livable right now. I think(hope) they will be fairly easy to fix. We are going to be on a well/septic system wich is totally new to me. Our home inspector asked me if I knew how to operate a well system and I said walk up, and turn the faucet on!!! He kind of chuckled and went on to explain all of the components and how they worked.
Our home inspectors, Sunrise Inspections, were great! VERY friendly and informative. I know we bugged the hell out of them. I finally had to call Karen outside so they could actually do the inspection.

Betty's house inspection was perfunctory. The house was built in 2006 and it showed. It still smelled new. There were some minor issues with the grading in a few areas near the foundation, but that was all.

Our house, on the other hand, built in 1983, had a 2 page list of issues. Most were minor. This door didn't close right, that tile was cracked. Stuff we already knew from looking at the house the first time. I was concerned about the stuff that I didn't know about.


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