Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy, Busy

We have been very busy lately. Over the last few weeks or months we have looked at houses for us and for Karen's sister. Everyday that we were both off has been spent in Pahrump either looking at houses, having house inspections, or hauling stuff to our storage unit in Pahrump. Hence, very little in the way of blogging.

We decided that, instead of hauling all of our stuff over one weekend, we would haul all of the stuff we never unpacked from our move to Vegas, out to Pahrump. It was all boxed up and ready to go!
I knew being lazy would pay off sooner or later!! We have made 6 or 7 trips out there now.

We have been window shopping at the Home Depot out there for some of the things we will need right away.

For one a washing machine.
I like the idea of a highly efficient washing machine. They are supposed to use way less electricity, water, and detergent. Although I'm not so concerned about the water usage, since it is basically free, I still like the idea of using less of it. Less electricity use is VERY good. Most high efficiency washers are front loaders, although we did see one that was a top loader. High efficiency top loader do not have agitators. There seem to be some downsides to high efficiency washers though. Namely they are known for having unusual odors because not all of the water is removed from them.

I want to minimize our electric use as much a s possible. I am planning on trying to rely on Swamp Coolers instead of Air Conditioning, if we can stand it. Pahrump offers ideal conditions for Swamp Coolers in that it is usually hot and dry! There is already one located on the roof of the house. I will likely buy an additional unit and see how we get along. We will have the A/C just in case though.

As I said before, this house does need some work so we also looked at:
Entry Doors
Entry Door Lock Sets
Screen Doors
and a few other odds and ends.

We appear to be set to close on May 7th. We are waiting to hear if the bank has any additional paperwork demands from us. I don't have anymore paperwork, so I hope they don't ask for

The finance company called and said the house appraised at $74,000 so being that we paid way less than that, we are all set in that department. I'm dreaming of re financing and getting a pool now.....just kidding.

On our trips out there we have been trying out the buffets at the local casinos.
They do not compare favorably to the ones in Las Vegas unless you include price in your calculations.
Buffets in Pahrump are less than 1/2 price compared to Vegas. The food is very good, but basic. Selection is typically very limited. But, when you add price into it, its a good deal. Many of the Pahrump casinos offer buy one get one during the week. Karen and I could go out to eat for under $10 including the tip!

The worst part of moving to Parump will be the daily commute to Vegas. There are two ways to get to Vegas. The southern route that is filled with construction and takes about an hour and forty mins for me, or the northern route that will be closer

to two hours. During the winter months, the southern route is occasionally closed or delayed due to snow.
The picture is from the northern route.

The benefits of the drive will be owning our own house. Owning a sizable chunk of land. Living in a small, slow paced town. I've only visited our house a few times and already know both the neighbors. After living in Las Vegas for near 2 years, I still don't know the neighbors names. That could just as well be my fault though.

Although Vegas and Pahrump are situated in desert valleys, Pahrump, unlike Vegas, sits on top of a huge under ground water reserve. Hence the large number of private well systems. The water, although not tasting like city water, DOES NOT taste like the sulfur well water I am used to. You can actually drink this water right out of the tap.

Thats all for now.


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