Saturday, April 18, 2009

The inspection

Most people probably wouldn't blog about the house inspection and what is wrong with the new house they are moving into etc. I guess I'm not one of
While I won't disclose the exact price we paid, I will say that it is several tens of thousands of dollars less than it sold for in Feb of this year. The internet is a great thing. I can go to the county and look up what the house sold for over the course of its lifetime. We paid substantially less!

Our inspection took twice as long as Betty's. I'm actually glad about that because it means they really looked hard at it. Three main issues were discovered:
1. The well system.
Our well is a mix of old technology and new technology. Modern well systems consist of a
1. well(duh)
2. A pump to pump water
3. A flow/pressure switch to tun on the pump
4. An accumulator to maintain water pressure
This is how Betty's system is.

Our system is slightly different. It contains all of the above with the addition of a very large, and old, storage tank. Most of the system is new or appears new.
The storage tank, picture a large hot water heater, leaks water out of the top because the pressure relief valve is missing. I think it has been missing of a while. There is a shut-off valve going to the storage tank, but it leaks, hence the leak at the tank. To me though, this is an easy fix. I can either replace the shut off valve or the pressure relief valve and cure the problem.

2. The electrical wiring.
While the majority of the wiring is fine, there are places where a previous owner did some wiring that I just don't understand. I mean, I understand what he did, just not why he did it THAT way. It was like he said, lets do this the worst possible way, it should be fun!!!!
To me, these are all easy fixes. i've done enough electrical stuff that I'm not concerned in the least about being able to fix it.

3. Plumbing.
1.Both toilets in the house drain very, very slowly.
This is minor also, I think, as all but one of the sink drains worked perfectly. The toilets are clogged locally near the toilets. A snake should easily cure that.
2.One sink was clogged. I fixed this after removing what we affectionately call out here, Palmetto bugs.
3. A slight sewer gas odor outside the house. This is the one that concerned me the most.Both of my home inspectors said they were not worried about it and that it was likely related to the slow draining toilettes.

Other than that there were no major issues with the house. The inspectors felt is was in good condition considering the age of the house and that it only needed minor repairs.


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I am so excited for you!!

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