Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its Christmas time!

Last year, although we did put up a tree, out hearts were not really in it. It was our first Christmas living 2,000 miles away from any family and just were not feeling it, at least I wasn't, and I don't really think Karen was. Money was very tight then and we didn'y even really buy presents for each other. This year we put up our big tree and actually bought some presents for each other, or are in the process of doing it. We will have visitors, my parents, shortly after Christmas and will be celebrating Christmas then. We will also celebrate Christmas, albeit virtually, with Karen's family on Christmas eve. I've promised Karen that I will not pass out on the stairs this year. Technically, that incident from last year was my brother's fault! Well I'm sticking with that story anyway! While I was being honest and actually drinking shots, on the other end of the web cam, they were doing shots of water!!!!!(or so they claimed) It is possible I can't hold my

Anyways, I think we are feeling Christmas more this year. Last year we were just going through the motiions so to speak.

I also changed to Christmas music for now!


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