Friday, July 4, 2008

Dream Cruise Part 2

One of the things I missed about Michigan is how GREEN it is! I miss the color green. Sure you can see bits and peices here and there in Vegas, but mostly it is comprised of shades of brown.

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 418

We had a cook out the next day. Here is Tom. You can see that is a nice day in Michigan.

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 422
Not sure who this is, he just showed up at the cook out.

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 416

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 428

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 430

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 434

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 435
Head of Sleep Studies.....

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 443

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 455

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 444

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 457

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 472

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 481

Jun_28_2008_Dream_Cruise 482


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