Tuesday, February 26, 2008


gets to take her test for the Post Office tomorrow! I'm sure she will do fine on it and hopefully get her foot in the door there. It would be a great job. I'm already planning my retirement.....hahaha. We will be having some guests in May which will be nice. Its always good to see familiar faces again.

We are also hoping to have some more guests in April, but a this point that is up in the air.

One of the critisisms I often read about Vegas before moving here was about the lack of parks and recreation activities in and around the city. This has really turned out to not be true. There are parks all over Vegas. Big ones, little ones, nice one, not so nice ones. There are probably 7 within 10 miles of my house. There are dog parks all over the place. Not to mention all of the state and federal parks around. It could take you years to visit all of them.


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