Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just me

Its been a while since I updated here mostly because the same old grind is setting in. While we've been here about 7 months now and we still like it very much, the newness is wearing off. My job is going well and Karen is working also. We now have our new health insurance(an HSA) which I very much like because it mostly removes the insurance company from medical decisions we make. It also has some tax benefits and will pay for things that regular insurance would never cover!

I have 2 Canon Rebel digital cameras. One is an XT and the other an XTI. One of the downsides of owning a SLR camera with interchangeable lens' is that, over time, they tend to collect dust and debris on the sensor in the camera. This dust and debris will show up in your pictures eventually. Canon, Nikon ect each have their own recomended method to clean the sensor and after reading the details for Canon, I decided that I'd rather pay a "proffesional" to do it. So with that in mind I took my camera to Casey's Camera in Las Vegas. I choose them based on reviews of thier store. When I got my camera back the sensor was spotless! You could have eaten off of it....but the camera will no longer focus! The little red dots that let you know where you are focused at are no longer their either. So Saturday I went and returned it to the store where they did agree that it indeed would not focus. I should find out by Tuesday what can be done about it. Truthfully I'll be suprised if it can be fixed.....



Anonymous said...

You're sounding bored!

Kick it up a notch Rob.....just think, you could be stuck here in Michigan w/a state full of losers....just look at the governor...we'll all be blown away in 5 years! 190 more GMPT workers were laid off last Friday....that's from only one plant that you could have already thrown a bowling ball thru without hitting anyone.......!!!! They'll be closing the plant for good in two more years......just think you could still be here having all this fun!

I'll take your kind of bored any day! So in fact....kick up the mood! live in the sun!

BC said...

That's the beauty of blogging. If you keep it real, people will chime in.

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