Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm amazed

I took my camera back and the other day Karen picked it up for me and it was actually fixed! It works great and the sensor is spotless. I'm a happy camper now.

This has been a slow week at work. 4 days of "Fortis" training. We have a great trainer who is not just a trainer, but has also spent much more time "doing" than training so he knows his stuff.

We were supposed to get snow this week but that seems like it will not happen now. I hope it doesn't! We've been well into the 50's most of this week.

I see Mr Thompson has dropped out of the race which is dissapointing because he is the only candidate that even remotely exited me and made me want to vote. Now I will have to vote just because its the right thing to do. He didn't really want the job though, and thats why I think he would have been a good choice for it.


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