Monday, December 10, 2007

Nevada One

This is a photo of Nevada One. A Southwest
Airlines Boeing 737 just after taking off
from RNY 1. Because of the weather that
day, most flights were taking off on these
runways. I had positioned myself on a dirt
parking lot just west of the airport. This also
placed me about 100 feet from the guard
shack at the entrance to the Dept of Energy
airport facility. There was also a guy about 300
yards away from me with a big huge video camera
on a tripod filming planes taking off and landing.
I took a little while for me to realize that I was being watched,
but sure enough the guards from the DOE facility were
spying on me with binoculars.

(If you do not know the signifigance of this place let me explain:
This is where the government operates
flights to a place called Area 51.)

Along with the videographer
too I assume. The guards were trying at first to be
very conspicuos, standing in the middle of
the entrance to the DOE facility bearing down on me with
the binoculars. Then they tried the sneaky approach
and would pop their heads up around corners or up
from bushes near the shack. I opted not to photograph the guards.
I wish I would have now. I then saw the guard standing,
binoculars in one hand starring at me, phone in another.
Shortly after that I saw the first LVMPD car in my mirror.
Then another. The two cops raced down the road I was on, past me.
The videographer, by this point had left, or so I thought. He had really only
moved to another spot. When they got to where the videographer was,
they pulled off the road into the dirt parking lot I was in, and began
to talk to each other. You know how they do. Driver's door to driver's door.
Then the 3rd LVMPD car showed up. They all drove off, seemingly going
around the block several times. Not one of them even looked at me
the whole time. Thats how you know they are watching you....hahahah.
Then they all dissapeared. Shortly after that I left. When I turned the corner
I saw the videographer pulled over by two LVMPD cars. Apparently where he decided to
park this time was not legal. They never did stop or talk to me so I'll be back next Saturday...
Check here for pics of the guards spying on

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