Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another update

Not much else going on. Betty and Tom left Saturday. As I double checked to make sure they didn't forget anything, Betty said they didn't. That they were used to living on the road for vacation and that they don't forget stuff. An hour after they left they called and asked if thier video camera was at our house. Indeed it was. So later in the day they left for a second time! They still managed to forget 2 items here. I warned them that everyone who has visited has forgotten something......hahahaha.

So now I'm back to wandering around the house in my underware....lol.

The weather has definately turned the corner here. One day last week it rained all day. And I mean ALL day. Driving by the strip on my way home from work I noticed that it was so foggy you couldn't even see the tops of the casinos on the strip. Thats more rain than we got for our entire monsoon season this year. The next day you would never knew it rained.

Monday morninig when I left for work my windows on my van were covered in frost. Its getting cold here. Lows in the mid 40's and highs anywhere from upper 50's to upper 60's. It MAY hit 70 later this week. Checking the weather for Michigan, I guess it isn't all THAT cold here :)


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