Sunday, November 4, 2007

What a nice day

We spent a few hours today at Sunset Park with the dogs.
It was Carly's first trip out there and she seemed to enjoy it.
There were about 15 other dogs there throughout the time
we were there. We go to the 40 lbs or under part of the park,
though Pooh probably is a wee bit over that. The weather was phenominal. Sunny, as always, 78F. You couldn't get a better days for being at the park.
We noticed that they are starting to set up the Christmas lights for the park.
Christmas will be tough this year. We've only been away from family for 1 Christmas and that was back in 2000. Being that I'm new at my job I have no vacation time yet, and we only get 1 day off for Christmas its not likely we can
return this year. Besides that flights are very expensive that time of year. Hopefully next year we can go "home" for Christmas.......


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