Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Encore-Too close for comfort

This is the Encore Hotel. It is part of the
Wynn Complex. The other day I had to go there to
do some work. As I was on my way I heard on the
radio that there was a sniper in a high rise near
the south side of the Wynn golf course who had
shot 3 police officers and taken some hostages.
Where I had to go was on the north side of the
Wynn Golf Course. I was a little nervous about being there
to say the least, but the only sign I saw of anything going
on was the LVMP helicopter flying in circles above.
The situation was brought to and end with out further bloodshed.
The gunman eventually released his hostages and surrendered.
The three police officers that were shot are expected to recover.
One was shot in the chest and his vest stopped the bullet.
One was shot in his "duty belt" which stopped the bullet.
The last, and most serioulsy wounded, was shot in the hand/wrist area
and will require some extensive surgery.
The gunman, thankfully, was using a .22 calibre rifle.
An argument with the gunman's son started all of this.

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