Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Plane Spotting...

Plane spotting in Vegas is much different than in Detroit at Detroit Metro Airport(KDTW). In Detroit you always had to be weary of encounters with law enforcement, who did not particularly care for people who engaged in plane spotting/photographing. I had a few encounters with the Detroit Metro Airport Police. Most were non events, but on one occasion the officer threatened to turn me in to the FBI, because taking photographs of aircraft is, well, terrorist like. I was parked on a dead end street that did not have no parking signs on it. The cross street, Eureka, did have no parking signs. He pointed to them and said I was not allowed to park on the street I was on. I pointed out to him that the no parking sign he just pointed to were not on the street I was parked on. In fact, the street I was parked on had no signs what-so-ever. I told him I would leave, but that I would be back because what I was doing was legal, and that while he had the right/duty to investigate if he thought I was suspicious, he did so and should have left me alone after that. It was at that point he said he would turn it over to the FBI. He didn't like it when I told him "Go ahead, I'm not afraid of them either because what I'm doing is totally legal." I would also like to point out that I was never anything but totally polite and respectful to the officer. He was also polite to me, he just did not like my answers. Here are some of the shots I got at Detroit Metro:

If you like you can see even more here.

Contrast that with plane spotting in Las Vegas, specifically at McCarran International Airport(KLAS). Here the provide you with a place to park, adjacent to runway 25L as seen below:

In addition, if you tune your car radio to 101.1 FM, they even let you listen to the tower and aircraft as they communicate with each other.

Here are some shots from KLAS:

You can view more here.


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