Sunday, August 10, 2008

Went out driving yesterday

The other day I went to a place for work that was way out on the east side of town along Lake Mead Blvd. On Saturday Karen and I decided to go out there for a better look. C_0004 Yes. The world famous Berverly Hillbillies Casino. C_0005 Here is the Gambler's if there was any other kind! C_0006 An unknown wash along Lake Mead Blvd. C_0007 This is where we decided to turn around. It doesnt look too bad in the photo, but seeing it in 3-D we opted to retreat! C_0008 On the way out. C_0009 C_0015_Crop If you live in Henderson, you only get "Basic Water Company". We live in Las Vegas so we get the "Advanced Water Company". C_0014_Crop The side of a local 7-11 store. C_0013_Crop I've often heard of the Eldorado Casino but this is the first time I've seen it. C_0010_Crop Zebra Mussels are a problem here also. Fremont was interesting tonight. One of the bands was Southern Stue. C_0050 They are a local southern rock band. Here is a video I made of them:

C_0054 If you look closly you can see the fire truck that came to treat the pregnant girl that decided to go into labor in the middle of the concert. C_0061 This is Bill. He struck up a conversation with us after the concert. C_0042_Crop Karen has her flashing Fitz cup, so she is ready to party.....

Hit and Run on I-15
A "hit and run" on the I-15 on the way to the Texas Station.


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